Participants of the Citywide Association of Law Assistants of the Civil, Criminal and Family Courts in the City of New York

Welcome to the official website of the Citywide Association of Law Assistants.

The Association represents Court Attorneys who work for judges who sit in Civil, Housing, Criminal, Family and Supreme Court in all five boroughs of the City of New York.

We were founded in 1978, with a core group of about 100 members, who were then called law assistants. We have grown to an organization of more than 470 active members and retirees. Although we are now known as court attorneys, we continue to do the same tasks we did then — legal research, decision writing, case conferencing, as well as other vital legal tasks required by the judiciary.

Union representatives from the courts in each borough constitute our Executive Board, the governing body of our Association.

The Board hopes you find this website helpful.

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